Creatherm Radiant Panels

Unsurpassed Industry Leadership!

Creatherm Radiant Panels are an outstanding product which combine energy efficient insulation, labor saving tubing installation, and comprehensive tubing protection all in one product for concrete radiant heat. This combination dramatically enhances:


*Installation speed and efficiency


*Installation accuracy and consistency


*Overall system performance


*Energy cost savings


These benefits, coupled with the overall comfort and consistency of radiant heating, provide an unbeatable heating method!

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Installation Quote

"We originally estimated the job would require three installers two full days to lay the PEX in an office addition. But with the CREATHERM floor panels it only took a half day." Billy O'Quinn, Superintendent Dundore Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Ltd


Installation Video


Residential Snowmelt Retrofit Project:

Manufacturing Site Project:

Pole Barn Project:


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